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Des Moines Truck & Trailer Sales
About Us

Des Moines Truck and Trailer Sales is a locally owned and operated business with strong Iowa roots. We strive for customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Being a small business, we know the importance of our reputation and we look forward to demonstrating our dedication to excellence on your next job.

Mission Statement: To provide an honest, accurate, and friendly service. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in our industry, to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best experience possible.

Des Moines Truck and Trailer Sales just opened up their doors in May of 2015. In the last year, we have built a reputation making sure every customer walks away pleased. We are a family ran business, with strong Iowa roots. With over 15 years of experience combined, our sales department is our pride and joy. Not only do we strive in sales, but also have a full detail department.

Let us introduce ourselves

Dillon (Brother) is our salesman who does everything in his power to help the customer in any way possible. With growing up around trucks a majority of his life, he is capable of answering any questions relating to the purchase and maintenance of any truck or trailer.

Zach (Brother) is known as our shop manager. Any questions you might ponder with pricing of jobs, how to's, and scheduling, he is your man. He is brilliant when it comes to knowing the ways around the detail, and can guarantee the customer with satisfaction.

Luke (Family Friend) takes care of all the marketing and advertising that the business has. When you see us online, you will know who did it. Not only does he just market, Luke is able to take on sales calls and give great customer service to any of our customers.

Lynette (Mother) is our secretary. She is highly skilled in all areas of the book work. From answering the phone, to balancing the books, to sales paperwork, she can do it all. On the week days, if you call, she is most likely the first voice you will hear.